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Helping Hands Ministries, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that financially assists individuals who need it most.  The organization is built on the gospel of Jesus Christ to encourage individuals, corporations, and ministries to donate cash and non cash gifts to qualified recipients.  In addition, Helping Hands provides funding to assist other ministries in carrying out their charters.
Helping Hands enables donors to financially contribute to pre-approved projects of the ministry. These projects can consist of individuals as well as organizations based in the US or overseas.  Helping Hands has supported multiple charitable organizations and individuals all over the world.
Helping Hands supports individuals in financial need, startup ministries, foreign organizations providing charitable work and those who are spreading the gospel according to Jesus Christ!  Helping Hands can provide grants to the impoverished and/or indigent.  Helping Hands also provides financial assistance to individuals in ministry and foreign missions. Click to see who we are reaching!


Specifically, what can we do?

How we help: We support start-up nonprofit organizations

In what manner? The Gift Committee decides that the organization meets the Helping Hands criteria, which are set by the board, and then, have the ability to pay expenses and salaries (1099)


How we help: Support individuals with medical conditions

In what manner? Helping Hands Ministries is able to supplement their income by offsetting medical expenses related to their illness/condition.  In certain circumstances, Helping Hands can provide handicap accessible vehicles as well as assist in covering the cost of home renovation to accommodate their specific needs.  Additionally, we have the ability to cover necessary home health care.


How we help:  Support widows and widowers as well as seminary students

In what manner?  Assist in supplementing income by offsetting expenses as mortgage and/or rent payments, utility expenses, assist with prescriptions.  


How we help: Helping Hands can provide financial relief to those who are receiving governmental assistance without jeopardizing his or her government aid.