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The organization is two-fold. It is based upon the recipient and the donor.  As a recipient, you can expect that your specific needs will be met!  Helping Hands understands your specific needs and gifting solutions are specific to you and what you need.  Recipients` situations differ, but all are treated with the same amount of respect, love, and care.  Past recipients have been: victims of natural disasters, those with medical conditions and those answering the call to ministry.
As a donor, you can choose who to donate to anywhere, anytime, providing they are a pre-approved project of Helping Hands Ministries!  Helping Hands expedites gifts in an efficient and effective manner. At Helping Hands, gifts will help deserving individuals by creating a genuinely giving community. This is more than a handout; it is a profound life change.  Additionally, recommendations can be made on behalf of those deserving individuals or ministries needing it most.  Access the Gift Recommendation Form here.


Overseas Gifting

Helping Hands can help you help those overseas.  If you know a deserving individual, charity, nonprofit, or mission`s organization, you can fill out a Overseas Recommendation Form.  International support and contributions have blessed those located in a variety of countries around the world.  With the love of Christ and a God-given vision, our organization knows no boundaries.  Through your support, we have helped multiple charitable organizations and individuals in India, Scandinavia, Bosnia, Brazil, Dominican Republic, and Ecuador.  Click to see who we are reaching!


Basic Procedure for Gifting All Applicants
The Helping Hands` Gifting Committee, appointed by the board of the organization, reviews all applicants.  It is important that each applicant meet the Ministries` established criterion, which is based on strict adherence to the Internal Revenue Service guidelines as published annually.
Types of Donations
Cash donations are made directly to Helping Hands Ministries and allocated to the pre-qualified project.  Donations are received in check, credit card, marketable securities, closely held securities, and real estate.